Bradford A Markowitz
Bradford A MarkowitzMA, LPC
As a clinician who specializes in relationship issues and self-esteem, I am a focused, engaged, and passionate helper. I work with my clients to explore self-defeating thoughts that contribute to their life challenges, with the intent of achieving a more balanced (and “fair”) interpretation of themselves and their surroundings. As a classically trained cognitive behavioral therapist, I am a firm believer in the notion that past traumas play out in our adult lives.
I have a strong comprehension of the challenges that disrupt mainstream middle-class individuals, as well as the impact that such challenges place on their family systems. I find it particularly inspiring to work with individuals and families who are interested in exploring and improving themselves and their relationships.
My approach works particularly well with adults and families who wish to achieve insight and relief from challenging dynamics, cognitions, and behaviors that result in compromised relationships.
Melissa Markowitz
Melissa MarkowitzMSW, LCSW
As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I aspire to nurture human potential, inspire hope and promote meaningful life choices. I am experienced in working with children, adolescents and their families, as well as adults, who are faced with challenges including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, self-injury, behavioral issues, parent-child conflict, adjustment issues, and other emotional trauma. I specialize in working with teenagers & young adults with issues surrounding self-esteem, life transitions and dealing with difficult emotions.
I provide individual and family therapy using an eclectic approach that incorporates Cognitive-Behavioral and Solution-Focused techniques, as well as Family Systems theory to help individuals and families achieve their goals.
I am also trained in the use of Theraplay based activities which guides parent and child in the experience of interacting in ways that foster attachment and create joyful interaction.
Jon Lauriello
Jon LaurielloMA, LPC, NCC
I practice with adults, teens, and children. I specialize in ADHD, Autism, parenting skills, academic functioning, and anxiety. Additionally, I have extensive experience with LGBTQ individuals. I have an approach that includes a heavy emphasis on behavioral approaches that include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis. I also integrate existentialist approaches that focus on creating meaning in your personal and professional life.
Michael W. Bacon
Michael W. BaconMA, LPC
I work with individuals using a “Person Centered” approach to treatment that seeks to identify strengths and meet each individual where they are. I believe we are able to work through and understand our own needs in our own way, so that we can better understand our story within the context of our lives to enact positive change. I work with adults, adolescents, and couples. I have experience working with Depression, anxiety, PTSD, various serious persistent mental illnesses, and developing social skills and boundary setting skills in interpersonal relationships.
I also utilize a lot of Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques as a part of my practice to better understand the connections between thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and the role they have in our everyday lives. As a part of my approach I find it essential to use a trauma informed approach to help account for and understand how trauma affects our lives.
Ashley Fein
In our society, we tend to see asking for help as a weakness. I completely disagree with this as I feel that asking for help is difficult and, therefore, a very brave thing to do. I have over 10 years of experience as a therapist. I love my work and feel passionate about helping people become their best selves. I have experience working with a variety of issues including trauma, general mental health, and substance abuse. My goal is help people heal and learn from the past while making changes in the present in order to live healthier and happier.

My specialty areas include: anxiety, trauma, autism spectrum disorder, developmental disorders and related symptoms (communication, sleep problems, toilet training), anxiety, social skill deficits, oppositional behavior, school difficulties, life transitions, and parent coaching.

Congratulations on taking a step in your therapeutic journey! I look forward to seeing if we would be a good fit to work together.

Kate Bowden
Kate BowdenMSW, LSW
I currently offer all sessions via video or phone, which is covered by insurance. I am currently accepting new patients.

As a Licensed Social Worker my goal is to empower individuals and promote human potential. My experience includes working with dually-diagnosed children and adolescents, many of whom are navigating life transitions, behavioral challenges and emotional distress; as well as adults who are feeling challenged by life’s hurdles. I am a strong advocate for individual empowerment, but also look to how we can grow through our eco-systemic support systems. I enjoy working with families, and often find that through focusing on the relational dynamics people can increase connection and find the support they need to feel emotionally empowered.

Meghan Herring
Meghan HerringMSW, LSW
Hello, I’m Meghan Herring, a clinical social worker with a passion for supporting neurodivergent individuals on their unique journeys. With extensive training, I specialize in providing comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and personalized therapy to help individuals thrive and expand on their self-advocacy skills.

Education and Training:

Licensed clinical social worker (LCSW)

Master’s Degree in Social Work from University of Pennsylvania

Certified in various neuropsychological assessment tools including:

Denver II





My expertise lies in working with neurodivergent individuals across the lifespan, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and other neurodevelopmental conditions. I am dedicated to providing accurate diagnoses that lead to targeted interventions and strategies for success.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic approach:

In-depth diagnostic evaluations for neurodivergent conditions
Tailoring therapeutic approaches to suit each individual’s cognitive and emotional strengths
Helping individuals develop coping skills and self-advocacy strategies
Supporting families in understanding and nurturing the unique qualities of their loved ones

If you or a loved one are seeking understanding, support, and empowerment within the context of neurodiversity, I invite you to get in touch. Together, we can navigate the complexities of the neurodivergent journey and uncover pathways to a fulfilling and meaningful life.
My specialty areas include: anxiety, trauma, autism spectrum disorder, developmental disorders and related symptoms (communication, sleep problems, toilet training), anxiety, social skill deficits, oppositional behavior, school difficulties, life transitions, and parent coaching.

Congratulations on taking a step in your therapeutic journey! I look forward to seeing if we would be a good fit to work together.

Mandi Resnick
Mandi ResnickMSW, LCSW
Hello, my name is Mandi and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I want to applaud you for taking this first step in seeking help. Sometimes the initial outreach is the hardest for us to overcome as many of us feel we should be able to navigate life on our own. However, sometimes an outside perspective is what is needed to help shed some light on all your amazing qualities that you already possess.

I am passionate about meeting each individual where they are and I aim to create a strong therapeutic connection with my clients, built on trust, safety and understanding. I have experience in healthcare settings both inpatient and outpatient- specifically working with chronic illness and/or cancer patients. I also have experience working with young adults who are navigating the transitions from high school to college which at times can be difficult to manage. I work with adolescents, young adults, and adults of all demographics. In a society where we continue to have many stigmas and stereotypes- I want to help be a support to you. Therapy does not mean weakness- in fact it means that you are wanting to better yourself and work through things so that you can live a fulfilled life which we all deserve.

Jillian Glace
Jillian GlaceMA, R-DMT, LPC
Hello, my name is Jillian. I’m so grateful you found your way here. I sincerely honor
the courage it takes to seek support for your mental health. It is not easy, but you have
taken the first step and sometimes that’s the hardest part.
Therapeutic Framework:
I primarily work within a person-centered approach, valuing and respecting each
individual’s capacity for resilience and ability to navigate towards wellness. My
intention is to meet each person with dignity, compassion, and non-judgement. I
believe that profound healing and lasting change is most possible in a trusting and
genuine therapeutic relationship. My knowledge and specialized training in somatic
psychotherapy, specifically dance/movement therapy has afforded me a holistic
perspective of the complex dimensions of the person, including the connection
between mind, body, and spirit. I have witnessed meaningful and measurable change
in response to effective dance/movement therapy and other body-based interventions
for people struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, and many other mental health
I am committed to multicultural education, including participating in the training and
self-awareness needed to engage in effective, culturally appropriate, informed practice
with diverse populations such as the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.
Beyond clinical practice I am a freelance choreographer, passionate about the
interplay between dance as an art form and dance as therapy. Credits include
originally created work presented both locally and abroad, as well as facilitating
college level workshops on introduction to dance/movement therapy and how dance
and creative expression impact mental health.
Adults 18-64
Older Adults 65+
BIPOC Community
LGBTQ+ Community

Somatic (body-based) interventions such as body awareness, expressional movement
(dance and movement for therapeutic value), breathing techniques for stress relief and
anxiety, trauma informed interventions to manage distress and overwhelm, infusing
creative, body-based interventions honoring the interconnectedness of mind, body,
and spirit in mental health wellness.
I am passionate about working with women (any person who identifies as woman,
including cis-gender, trans, and non-binary folks) from young adult to older adulthood
struggling with self-esteem, insecurities, body image, chronic physical illness,
depression, anxiety, isolation, feelings of non-belonging, identity crises, relationship
concerns, spiritual crises, grief, and anger. I specialize in working with women (cis-
gender, transgender, non-binary) at different stages of life who identify as successful
in many areas yet feel insecure about how they ‘measure up’ against the societal
expectations of “womanhood”. Does this feel like you: you are independent, smart,
successful, creative, loving, nurturing, and passionate about helping any community
you’re a part of; yet you still feel something is missing (or are made to feel something
is missing) because you are not partnered, married, have children, or are not living a
“conventional lifestyle”?  Do you struggle with the decision to be partnered, married,
to have children, or to live the life you choose and find yourself alienated from
friends, family, and specific communities because of this? Do you live within a family
system or religious community that has rigid conceptualizations of womanhood and
have been subjected to unsolicited advice and/or criticism about what a “real woman
is”?  I offer a safe space where women who have had these experiences and in
response are struggling with insecurities, self-esteem, body image, depression and
anxiety can explore the expansiveness of womanhood in all its manifestations and be
empowered to make decisions that align with how they desire to embody their identity
and life experiences.

Samantha Gambale
Samantha GambaleLSW, MSW, CGP
Each of our paths are as individual as our fingerprints. I am committed to meet you as an open-minded ally to gain insight & make meaning of your journey. It is my privilege to walk alongside you & provide individualized, effective, mental health services to explore & meet your needs. By exploring your options for compassionate support, you are one step closer on your path towards healing. If you are struggling to cope, please know you do not have to go through this time alone. If you choose to start the healing process, I can help you navigate these feelings & offer a person-centered approach to enrich personal growth.

Together, we partner to explore a mind, body, nature & spirit approach that is based upon your goals. My approach empowers you to explore your experiences with therapeutic insight. We work together to explore how you are feeling, make meaning of this time in your life, & rebuild your way forward with growth and increased self awareness.
Whether you are struggling with loss & grief, recovering from trauma, having relationship challenges or need help navigating the stress of daily life. We will explore how you are feeling, find new ways to cope, and provide you with a safe, judgment-free space to explore your journey toward healing and hope.